Samsung announced late on Monday the completion of the development of its 12-Hi 36 GB HBM3E memory stacks, just hours after Micron said it had kicked off mass production of its 8-Hi 24 GB HBM3E memory products. The new memory packages, codenamed Shinebolt, increase peak bandwidth and capacity compared to their predecessors, codenamed Icebolt, by over 50% and are currently the world's fastest memory devices. As the description suggests, Samsung's Shinebolt 12-Hi 36 GB HBM3E stacks pack 12 24Gb memory devices on top of a logic die featuring a 1024-bit interface. The new 36 GB HBM3E memory modules feature a data transfer rate of 10 GT/s and thus offer a peak bandwidth of 1.28 TB/s per stack, the industry's highest per-device (or rather per-module) memory...

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