PCIe 7.0

PCI-SIG this week released version 0.5 of the PCI-Express 7.0 specification to its members. This is the second draft of the spec and the final call for PCI-SIG members to submit their new features to the standard. The latest update on the development of the specification comes a couple months shy of a year after the PCI-SIG published the initial Draft 0.3 specificaiton, with the PCI-SIG using the latest update to reiterate that development of the new standard remains on-track for a final release in 2025. PCIe 7.0 is is the next generation interconnect technology for computers that is set to increase data transfer speeds to 128 GT/s per pin, doubling the 64 GT/s of PCIe 6.0 and quadrupling the 32 GT/s of PCIe 5.0...

PCI Express 7.0 Spec Hits Draft 0.3, 512GBps Connectivity on Track For 2025 Release

In what’s quickly becoming a very busy week for data center and high-performance computing news, the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG) is hosting its annual developers conference over in...

5 by Ryan Smith on 6/13/2023

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